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LE RÊVE / SA 02 10 2021 19h / Museo Nitsch Napoli

LE RÊVE running at Divergent Senses // Short Film Program – Museo Nitsch Napoli / curated by Raffaella Morra


The screening of independent films and videos is a rare occasion, accessible to few healthy participants recruited for these experimental procedures; the next phase comes when all our attachments to old methods of structured meanings are obliterated. The proliferation of images slowly transforms into a mass significant in the grey recesses of our neural cortex; the dreams and memories relay images of subjectivity, based on visual representations that cannot be exemplified in a direct way.

As a puzzle without a clear matrix, the video screenings titled Divergent Senses are the separate components or hidden qualities of a unification; these videos are interpretive inferences rather than linear stories, drawing imaginative connections between the onscreen event and emotional engagement. The videos pursue alternative ways for the participants to exercise their minds and discover interests in situations they might not otherwise experience. Here cues, patterns and gaps are presented to avoid the application of schema, organized clusters that guide the thought processes. When information is missing and out of order, the perceivers seek their causal relations; the salient information is omitted to arouse curiosity and enable the participants to understand their motivations of elaborate details, and mentally construct a coherent description.——————–

Light Cone – LE RÊVE