3-channel-video, 4 channel-audio / footage : Super 16 mm / software : Max/Msp
concept, camera, editing : Peter Conrad Beyer /

sound : Barnim Schulze / programming Max/MSP : Luis Negron van Grieken

The audiovisual installation HI treats the topic of encounter humans and animals. In this specific case its between the raven and the human. The complex and mystic relativity of raven concerning the human society in different levels is attempted to be presented in the installation HI.

The aim is to investigate the communication between raven and humans in an artificial, interactive set up. In the moving image you will see portrays of ravens in different formal constellations. Sometimes in more realistic images, sometimes in more abstract compositions you see the variety of film techniques from slow motion till fastcuts/flicker. In between five Levels of drama there will be an increasing intensity of proximity and distance for the viewer/human.

group exhibitions : – annual exhibition 2009 KHM Cologne, – Art Cologne 2010